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Finance Information

Mon 12 Mar 2018  11:39  Jessica Redfearn

Invoices from the S&D LTA have been sent to all clubs electronically. In
most cases the email has been sent to the club secretary contact email
as per the S&D website.

Please double check to see that the right person in your club has
received the invoice and encourage prompt payment.

Fines for the Summer 17/18 season have been included on the invoice and
full details are available on the website.

This year we have decided not to invoice for fines relating to the 17/18
Winter League season. This is partly because the season is only just
drawing to a close, and also because the S&D LTA had a profitable year
last year, and it makes sense to leave the money in the hands of the
clubs. Winter League teams have not been fined previously for non
compliance, but this may be something we consider at a later date

Any questions please contact Kay via email :